Monday, October 2, 2017

The difference between horror and a little thrill - by Vijaya Schartz

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Let's face it, many books and movies nowadays focus on the scary, the morbid, the deadly, the darkness in people's souls. Some are masterfully written (thank you Mr. Stephen King) and that's well and good for those who relish the genre. Personally, it gives me nightmares. When a hopeless group of people is doomed to certain death by an unknown and unstoppable evil, watching them die one at a time in utter paralyzing fear, panic and dismembering bloodshed is not fun to me. Horror focuses on creating fear... a negative emotion that releases toxic chemicals in the human body.

You can find General KAVAK, "the worst villain in sci-fi history" in the Ancient Enemy series

In my novels, I prefer to focus on hope, and the courage of the brave heroes and heroines who overcome their fears to fight the battle of good vs. evil. Although reviewers said I write "The worst (meaning best) villains in sci-fi history," I do not need a large body count to demonstrate they are bad guys. Usually, one death by elephant, one human sacrifice, or one severed head rolling on the sand is enough to make my point... there are bad people out there, and demons, and things that go bump in the night. But in my books, for every demon there is a loving immortal, a determined human, or a half-angel willing to risk their very life to fight it.

The Archangel twin books, a tale of redemption in the battle of Good vs. Evil
In the world of medieval fantasy romance, I've been accused of writing bloody battle scenes, because I do not sugarcoat the middle ages. As a writer, I want to reflect the truth of the historical period according to my extensive research. In the horror genre, however, I would be considered an innocent babe. My goal is to write an uplifting story with flawed but worthy characters who constantly overcome their fears and limitations to save others.
The Curse of the Lost Isle series depicts the Middle Ages in a realistic way

Call me a boy scout if you like. I just like the good guys to win and redeem themselves in the process. I like action, adventure, and romance in my books, those I read and those I write. I've been accused of mixing genres, and I'm proud of it. So sue me. I live for the thrill of a good story, with heroic heroes and villainous villains, plenty of action and adventure, and a dash of romance.

Vijaya Schartz, author
Romance with a Kick

Monday, September 25, 2017

Writing Prompts by Cherie Lee

The Multi-billionaire:

Aging, the billionaire wanted to leave a life memorial for the living, especially since he had no living family members. He walks through his mansion and asks various servants, “Could you envision this place becoming a home for the elderly or orphans?”


What servants would he ask or would he ask every one this same question?

How many servants would work for him and would it be on a daily basis or less often?

What answers would he get?

Would he plan to remain in this home if it became a refugee for the elderly or for orphans?

How did he make his money? Legally or illegally? Would that make a difference in his decisions?

What would this place look like? Is it close to a city or town or be somewhere hard to get too?

Who would inherit his estate if none of the above were done?
What would happen if he started a home for the elderly and they all need specialized care? Would doctors and nurses become residents?

What if the orphans came and some had criminal backgrounds? Would he take a personal interest?
What would happen if he lost all of his money and he had elderly or orphans to care for? What would he do? Could he regain his wealth?

I hope this sparked your inspiration today.
Happy Writing.

Cherie Lee